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The mountains challenge our body, mind and soul. They are places where we are forced to

turn our view inwards and search within ourselves for the courage to continue or retreat .

We are grateful for what we can learn from the mountains and consider it our responsibility,

 to protect and treat it with respect.

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You can't reach the summit without any 

risks but we can increase our safety by; 

- improve our knowledge

- optimize the preparation

- take the time to build up experience

- work together as a team



If we want to minimize our footprint, we will have to take care of mother nature by

-  use environmentally friendly energy

- keep waste to a minimum

leave no rubbish on the mountain 

- use biodegradable products

- repair instead of renew

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Expeditions cannot take place without

the help of the locals communities.

Therefore we endeavor;

-  to find a balance between humanitarian

and economic point of view

- support education & healthcare

-  that respect for nature & culture is transferred during our projects

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