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May 2021: WingsForLifeWorldRun

Together with thousands of people from all over the world, you start running at exactly the same time. You run as far as you can, until the virtual Catcher Car passes you. You do this not only for yourself, but also for a good cause: 100% of the starting money goes to spinal cord research and in this way you indirectly help to heal spinal cord injuries.

How? Download the Wings for Life World Run App for 20 euros and decide how you run: alone, with friends or as part of an organized App Run.

During the Wings for Life World Run, all participants start at the same time, worldwide. It doesn't matter if you are a professional athlete, someone who regularly runs for fun or a true beginner. There is no finish line. 30 minutes after the start, the Catcher Car starts to drive and overtakes all runners and wheelchair users one by one.

When? every year 9 May at 11 am

Who is participating in this? Since 2014, 195 countries have participated with about 740,860 participants

For whom/what? Wings for Life is a non-profit organization that supports promising research projects and clinical studies worldwide because right now - as you read this - someone is suffering from spinal cord injury and is permanently paralyzed. This means: no feeling in your legs and in the worst case also not in arms or hands. immobile. Continuously dependent on the help of others. We want to help. As a foundation, Wings for Life therefore supports groundbreaking research worldwide. Our Big Goal: Finding a Cure for Spinal Cord Injuries.

239 organizations have already been supported and there are still 59 ongoing projects, including 3 in Belgium; 2 in Hasselt and 1 in Leuven.

Redbull Belgium asked about my motivation to mobilize as many people as possible for this purpose.

Together we collected a nice sum with our RUN4SOLIDARITY team!

Thanks to everyone for the cooperation and support! #redbullbe #montea friends, runningmates and colleagues of the #federalpolice YOU WERE AWESOME

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