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2015 Hospital in Makalu regio

Before we started the expedition towards mount Makalu (the fifth highest mountain in the world), we organized in collaboration with Climbing Managers (B) a trekking with fundraising for BIKAS to directly support the local hospital in Khandbari. During the trek we visited the local hospital, which was in a primitive state at the time. It was clear that money would be really well spent.

The hospital in Khandbari is the focal point for more than 30 health posts in the area. These posts can often only be reached via mountain paths. The remote Khandbari region is still regularly plagued by typhus, diarrhea and other diseases. In most villages there, water from streams and rivers is used, which is often the cause of all kinds of infections. The diseases sometimes have epidemic forms.

Also supervising childbirth, with or without complications, is not optimal. Referral is often necessary even from the regional hospital, which is not always feasible given the acute nature.

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