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2016 Supporting Shangrila home in Nepal

Support for the orphans

After Sofie returned from a solo ascent of the 7010 meter high Khan Tengri, she saw the opportunity to go for Mount Everest together with fellow Belgian climber Paul Hegge. The media attention for Nepal due to the earthquake was over, but the population is still having a hard time. People lost not only their homes but also their loved ones and some children were orphaned. Also tourism, an important source of income for the population, was stopped for a long time and was very difficult to get going... for many their only source of income, so that many poor people ended up even more in poverty. There were hardly any expeditions organized anymore. For example, Paul Hegge and I came up with the idea to set up an expedition with a trekking to Everest base camp and to look for sponsorship for a home for street children in Kathmandu (Nepal). An effort worth every penny!

The Shangrila Home shelter, the first project of Shangrila Home vzw, was founded in 1995 by Inge Bracke and Paul Jacobs. It started as a home for 11 street children, but now (2021) more than 80 children live in the home and have been moved several times to a larger building thanks to the support of many.

would you like to learn more about this shelter?

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